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We have the best quality facilities and
the latest technologies for quality treatment

  • Radiography3D
  • Invisible Orthodontics Invisalign®


  • Digital smile design. You can see how your smile will look before treatment
  • Implants in a day, technology all-on-four ®
  • Computer-guided surgery for increased accuracy in implant loading
  • A digital intraoral scanner that eliminates the impression taking in the mouth
  • Sedation consent. This is the use of nitrous oxide gas, a wicked gas that relaxes patients with surgical interventions.
  • KitCalm®: It consists of a portable wireless receiver, installed in the dental unit, which emits a luminous and audible signal when the patient presses the control. This improvement in communication produces relaxation in the patient, optimizing the times and the results of the treatments.
  • Cardio Protected Center 90% of the cardiorespiratory stops are given outside of a hospital, it can happen to anyone, without distinction of age, sex or physical condition. With adequate training and a defibrillator like the clinic of Maria Jose Vaca Zea, the chances of survival of the victim go from 5 to 75%.


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